Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Euro Version of Twin Peaks pilot episode
From: (Joe Wolfe)
Date: 1990-04-16, 11:02

I have seen no previous posts to this group, so I'll be brave and give it a
I read recently that David Lynch and company added a 19 minute ending to the
pilot episode for video release in Europe. In that version, the murderer of
Laura Palmer, the prom queen babe, is revealed. Does anyone know who that
version reveals to be the killer?

Lynch said, in response to speculation about who the American tv series will
reveal as the killer, that no murderer will necessarily be identified, although
the possibility does exist.

I was initially interested in the show because it is the first major project
by David Lynch and Kyle MacLachlan since "Blue Velvet" (No, that movie
starring MacLachlan as an alien with the guns and Ferrari's does not count
as *major*). "Twin Peaks" does have a similar feel to parts of "Blue
Velvet." Its almost as if Jeffrey Beaumont has grown up into a special
agent for the FBI, yet picked up some weird quirks along the way. There
haven't been any Frank Booth characters yet. Who knows, maybe Dennis
Hopper will do a cameo as the killer.