Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: My Two Cents
From: (Nick Lubofsky)
Date: 1990-04-17, 12:47

Here's my theory:

The sheriff did it.  Why?  Because no one would ever suspect him.  And
just think of how good he'll look when he catches the `killer'.  He's
going to frame someone, I don't know who.

Remember how old the mayor is?  That's right, he's going to retire,
and guess who's going to run for mayor?  That's right, the sheriff,
who is a power-hungry sociopath.

You want to know how he did it?  He started a cult that the town is
going to blame the murder on.  Many people know about the cult and are
in it, but it's very secret.  The only evidence thus far is the scene
where Bobby and his best friend are `barking' at J. in the town
prison.  When Bobby started `barking', his friend joined in
immediately indicating it's something they've done before.  I maintain
they do it at meetings of the cult.

The evil sheriff theory also explains why he is seducing the richest
woman in Twin Peaks...

More developments on Friday when I have a completely different set of
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