Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Euro Version of Twin Peaks pilot episode
From: (Joe Siri Ekgren)
Date: 1990-04-17, 05:07

Joe Wolfe writes:
> > I read recently that David Lynch and company added a 19 minute ending to the
> > pilot episode for video release in Europe.  In that version, the murderer of
> > Laura Palmer, the prom queen babe, is revealed.  Does anyone know who that
> > version reveals to be the killer?

I recently saw the video "Twin Peaks" here in Norway, and I assume this was
the european version.

A synopsis of "Twin Peaks" european ending:
In the middle of the night the FBI agent receives an anonymous phone call
asking him to go to the local hospital immediately. There the agent teams 
up with the sheriff, and they are confronted with Bob (surname Bizarre?)
in the morgue (where else?). (The alert viewer will recognize the back
of Bobs head from an elevator scene early in the movie.)

Bob, a former disciple of Lucifer, has mended his ways (and in the process
unmended an arm, which had become an instrument of satan. Fashion-
forecast for this summer: cutoffs.). Now the three venture into the 
hospital basement for a showdown with the dark farces, errh forces,
and its local representative, a former acquaintance of Bob. There we
find a candle lit Lucifers pentangle, thus disturbing the killer's esoteric 
rendition of "I love Lucy". The killer, who hasn't appeared in the movie
till now, is as coherent as a qualuded Quale. He confesses two murders and 
reveals his motive: Eventually the first initials of all the young
girls fallen victim will spell his name. (Another victim of the National
Spelling Bee Program.) As Bob shoots killer, the FBI agent says "Make a
wish...", and a wind whispers in the basement extinguishing the candles in
the pentangle of Belzebub. Darkness.

In a surrealistic surroundings the FBI-agent is seated vis-a-vis a dwarf
and the late Laura Palmer, all three easily conversing in a strange lingo.
(Were these scenes run through a vocoder, or did Lynch splice the soundtrack
the way the Beatles made the merry-go-round music* in "Mr. Kite"** ?) The
dwarf does a dadaesque solo-number, whereafter Jeffrey Beaumont engages Laura.

The end.

Great pilot movie. Enough loose threads for 143 episodes of "Twin Peaks".

* After cutting up an organ tape into little pieces, they threw them up
  in the air, gathered them, and spliced them together randomly.

** "Mr. Kite" probably isn't the correct name of the track on the
    "Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band"-album. 
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Joe Siri Ekgren	 	Email:
University of Oslo	Phone:	+47 2 434562
Norway			USnail:	Tidemandsgate 1, 0266 OSLO 2, Norway