Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Euro Version of Twin Peaks pilot episode
From: (Nanette Reisor)
Date: 1990-04-17, 14:56

In article <> (Joe Wolfe) writes:
=>I read recently that David Lynch and company added a 19 minute ending to the
=>pilot episode for video release in Europe.  In that version, the murderer of
=>Laura Palmer, the prom queen babe, is revealed.  Does anyone know who that
=>version reveals to be the killer?

According to TV Guide (April 7-13) in the article "Welcome to the weird
new world of TWIN PEAKS...where nothing is quite what is seems--and a killer
is on the loose" by Timothy Carlson...

"Even that time-honored soap staple--the cliffhanger ending--has been
Lynched.  For the European video release of 'Twin Peaks' two-hour
premiere, he couldn't use the pilot's cliffhanger--he had to have a
resolution.  So he added 15 minutes of footage.

""We needed a killer in an alternate ending for the pilot," recalls Joan
Chen, who plays the owner of Twin Peaks' Packard Sawmill.  "And David saw
this propman hiding, not wanting to get in the way of the shot. David
thought he was an interesting-looking man and made *him* the killer.
David really appreciates accidents on the set."

By the way, there's no guarantee the killer will be revealed.  Or that,
assuming that he/she is revealed, that it will be in the seventh episode.
There are so many secrets and sub-plots that the storyline could continue


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