Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Julee Cruse
From: (Sean Schur)
Date: 1990-04-17, 01:30

In article <54918@bbn.COM> mesard@BBN.COM (Wayne Mesard) writes:
> >Does naybody know who this Julee Cruse person is?  She was the vocalist
> >in the Roadhouse in the first episode.
> >
> >She sounded sort of like Elizabeth Frazer of The Cocteau Twins (but it
> >wasn't her) or whatsername from The Sundays (but I don't think it was
> >her either).
> >

Info on Julee Cruise: 

	1) She sang a song from Blue Velvet.

	2) There is a recently released album called "Floating Into The Night"
		under her name. All the lyrics were written by David Lynch.
		A lot of this music appears on "Twin Peaks".

	3) As for her past I used to perform with her at the Children's Theatre
		of Minneapolis (a professional theatre company) about 5 years
		ago. She was also a vocal teacher there.

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