Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: necklaces
From: (S. A. Wilson)
Date: 1990-04-17, 22:01


Okay, the reports revealed that Laura had sex with at least 3 people.
Now, I am not too sure if one of the guys was James, since in the
tape she sent the Psychiatrist she went on and on about how straight,
goody-goody James was; also, James said that she was actting odd and
just took off, so he did not spend much time with her for anything
to happen so then who could the 3 be; now who was this
mysterious stranger she mentioned to the Pyschiatrist, is he the
One-armed man, from the way the Pyschiatrist reacted I got the 
impression that Laura was telling him about a sexual encounter
she had with the Mystery Man--for after she mentioned the
guy the Shrink put the headphones on. Now, I do not think
she had sex with the Shrink at least not within the past few days
since he seemed upset--back to the idea of her having sex with
the stranger--he broke down as if upset about her sleeping with
a stranger and not him.  She probably slept with Bobby; she spent time
with Bobby, and James said she mentioned that Bobby told her 
that evening (?) that he killed someone. The 3rd person would be the murder.  

Okay my guess to the 3 are: Bobby, the Mysterious man in the
woods, and the murder.

As for the murder: I do not think it was the Crying Cop, H. S. Truman,
the guy who found the body, Ed, Agent Copper. Also, I think that
although the Pyschiatrist is quite the prevert, and a tade bit
unethical, he is innocent. Bobby, Snake (?), and Leo are innocent
of her death though are guilty of another death, and are involved
in some sort of drug dealing--could come in handy as a storyline
if the show is renewed. James and Donna seem to be the show's
couple--possible romantic storyline for possible future episodes.
Now, I agree with a post ((cannot remember from whom)) that
had the murder as the Doc, Donna's dad; A) He seems a little to
good and normal to be a Twin Pikesian B) He acted really odd
when discussing the autopsy  C) He seems to a little obssessed
with "being good", etc. D) With his wife paralyzed he could
be a little repressed. He mentioned (keeps mentioning) about
delivering Laura, etc. I think that he delivers kids and 
expects them to grow up "innocent" etc, and if she does not then
he snaps and kills them.

As for the 'R' maybe all the letters spell out that saying
which was found in the abandoned train; could the message be
Biblical some satanic reference?

Sally A. Wilson