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Subject: Re: necklaces
From: jtkung@mit-caf.MIT.EDU (Joseph Kung)
Date: 1990-04-17, 10:59
Reply-to: jtkung@mit-caf.UUCP (Joseph Kung)

The girl in the porno mag (I think it was Flesh world or something
like that) was indeed the second girl that was assaulted and found
walking aimlessly across a bridge (and is now recovering in the
hospital). Right next to her picture was a picture of Leo in front of
his 18-wheeler, so this connects her with him. The $10,000 in the
safety deposit box is related to the implied drug activities of Bobby
and Mike (with Leo). As for Laura's necklace, if indeed there is only
one necklace, then how did the doctor ever get it? James buried it
under a small rock at night, and neither he or Donna had access to it
that night. James was in jail, and Donna was driven home by her dad
(though she could have later picked it up that night). The only other
person who knew about it was the biker that gave Donna a lift to where
James was. I don't see how the doctor could have recovered it. It's
either another half of another necklace, or the half that was recovered by
the FBI (somebody can probably check to see if the half that James
buried and the half that the doctor has are indeed the same half, or
opposing halves).

In the second episode, we also saw the doctor going to the morgue late
at night, perhaps doing something with Laura's body (I won't expound
on this!). Everything looks like it could have been done by someone
internal to the city, but the letter 'R' found under Laura's
fingertips is quite strange, and links this murder to other events
that we don't know about. 

- Joe

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