Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: necklaces
From: (Charlie Hileman)
Date: 1990-04-17, 11:31
Reply-to: chaz@vicorp.UU.NET

In article <>, (Daniel
Palmer) writes:
> > 
> > The FBI got theirs by going through Laura Palmer's belongings. The
> > secret boyfriend (James(?) Hurly) had the other half. (One 

Didn't the FBI get their half in the railroad car, not by going
through her belongings they found in her room at home?  Perhaps you
could say they were going through her belongings by investigating the
clothes and blood in the railroad car.

By the way, somebody referred earlier to the European showing of Twin
Peaks, and said the killer was revealed in their version.  We too may
have been given a glimpse of the real killer.  In the last show, when
Laura's best friend visited Laura's mother, the mother was
crying out "I miss her so much", repeatedly, then she went into
hallucinations, altering Laura's best friend's face and hair to become
Laura (the most frightening moment for me), and then turning to see a
blond haired young man staring at her from a low position; then she
screamed.  The apparition looked like a new character to me, with a
LA hard-core rocker puff haircut and face (if you can imagine that).
Perhaps that's the more typical TV character trying to nudge his way

I think the second episode was not near as good as the first.  The
commercials have come in full force now, and the pace of the scenes
have been sacrificed in the process.  On one hand it seems
like they want to pack a lot of action in, to keep people's attention
up.  On the other hand, they have much more time than a typical movie,
so the topics drift, creating a kind of soap opera feeling, many 
characters but no coherent plot or subplot (of course, it's the 
beginning).  The second episode did not
move near as well as the first.  The commercials slice it all 
up even further.  Lynch is fighting the medium.