Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: newgroup
From: tim@hoptoad.uucp (Tim Maroney)
Date: 1990-04-17, 13:49
Newsgroups: alt.config,
Reply-to: tim@hoptoad.UUCP (Tim Maroney)

Diane, it's 1:39 PM.  I'm in a home office in San Francisco,
California, two blocks south of Powell St. BART station, one block east
of Sixth St., the sin capital of the SOMA region.  Still, it looks like
some of the tenant hotels might have a good rate.

I stopped in at a little Vietnamese place for lunch.  The iced coffee
was -- excuse me -- damn good.  Then I walked back here, tripping over
piles of dirt and rags that somehow retained the faculty of speech,
and sat in front of a computer.  The screen says, and I quote:

In article <> (Dave Alden) writes:
> >#   Hmm.  Was there any discussion on this in alt.config?

In article <> "David Wright"  writes:
> >No, there wasn't.  So in such cases I look at the newgroup control message
> >to see what justification the poster has made for the group.  In this case,
> >they said:
> >
> >#  From: (Usenet News Administrator)
> >#  Subject: newgroup
> >#  Message-ID: <>
> >#  Control: newgroup
> >#  Organization: Ocwen Trading, Inc.
> >#  Approved:
> >#  
> >#  Diane, It's 1:22 p.m.....I've just had lunch at a little diner...
> >#  no cherry pie...Damn...I'd really like a good slice of pie. Anyway,
> >#  It's beginning to get warmer and drier outside. I'll get back to you
> >#  after I go over the tapes of the case so far.
> >
> >In other words - none at all!  Someone's ramblings.   Possibly not really
> >meant to create the group all through the net - but even if it was there has
> >to be SOME reasonable reason given!   Wipe it, folks.

Diane, it appears that we are dealing with a seriously disturbed --
dare I say demented?  There, I've said it -- individual.  Here are
perfectly clear words on the screen, yet David Wright says they are
"ramblings".  We're going to take this message down to the lab now, and
I'm sure that it will show signs of linguistic dissociation associated
with heroin use.  Don't give this one to Frank, Diane.  This one's

One more thing, Diane.  As I was walking out to lunch, I was wondering
something, not just as a special agent, but as a citizen of Planet
Earth.  Do we know that Apollo 13 was an accident -- or could it have
been something stranger?
-- Tim Maroney, Mac Software Consultant, sun!hoptoad!tim, "My indifference to that comment can only be described as sexual in intensity." -- Martin Terman, rec.arts.comics