Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

From: (randall w wachtel)
Date: 1990-04-17, 13:08
    This is Yogesh Kavita.  I am using my friend, Randy's account to use the
news board.  So any reference or reply or comment should be made to me.  I 
don't want to get my friend in trouble.

    Regarding Twin-Peaks,  I agree that the second episode was not as good as
the first, and the commercials sure did take some interest out of me.  But it
still is a good show.  I was very impressed with the first episode, and now I
am hooked.  I just hope it doesn't become too confusing.  

    An untouched subject:  Why is there a struggle for power at the wood-mill
between the old woman(darn, what's her name?) and the oriental chick?  Does 
it have to do anything with Laura Palmer or is it just a power struggle?  I
remember the quarrel between the two when the younger woman wanted to close the
mill on account of Laura's death, and the older one fought not to.  I remember
the older woman saying "It's time we gave her some real trouble (or something 
like that)".  And why is the sheriff not seeing her(the younger one, I promise
to get the names next time) in public?  What is he afraid of?

    Just curious.

    By the way, I am having the same problem of overworking my vcr trying to 
keep up with cheers and twin peaks at the same time.  Common sense suggests 
that you tape cheers for half-hour and save some tape.  Watch it later for just
half-hour(or less if you skip the commercials) instead of taping twin-peaks for
a full hour.  But that poses another, lets say, for me at least, a problem.
Sometimes twin-peaks becomes confusing, or I miss a line or a clue while watch-
ing it.  You can go back and watch it again if you tape it.  Guess you can't 
win 'em all.

The Ohio State University.
Columbus, OH