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Subject: Re: TWIN PEAKS
From: jmd@ursa.UUCP (Josh Diamond)
Date: 1990-04-17, 19:10

In article <54988@bbn.COM> (Wayne Mesard) writes:
> >Not  writes:
>> >>Why is there a struggle for power at the wood-mill
>> >>between the old woman(darn, what's her name?) and the oriental chick?
> >
> >The woman who runs the mill is the O.C.'s sister-in-law.  Mr. Packard
> >(sp?) died (I got the impression it was <1 year ago) leaving the mill to
> >his widow (the O.C., hereafter Mrs. Packard).

Yes, but as we learn this week, the widow is in bed with the guy who is
trying to sell real estate to the norwegians (laura's dad's boss).  I 
think she want to get hold to the land which belongs to the mill for
real estate development.  At this point in time, I can't see that it has
anything to do with laura.

> >P.S.  It cracks me up how Mrs. P's english is not too well, yet without
> >warning this poetry comes spewing out of her mouth.

I have many friends who are recent arrivals in the US.  They tend to have
very good literary english -- they understand and easily pick up english
from books, magazines, etc.  Most learned english before they came here.
The problem is that they know very few colloquialisms, and as a result 
their speach seems a bit broken... 

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