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Subject: Re: Twin Peaks: a question...
From: (John Devitofranceschi)
Date: 1990-04-17, 13:24
Newsgroups:, (Pamela Jean Culbreth) writes:

> >In the beginning of the second episode, Cooper meets up
> >with Sheriff Truman at the police station, and says
> >something like "Ah, 3 for 3..." He rambles on for a bit
> >while the sheriff is stuffing his face with a donut and
> >then excuses himself to go "urinate".

> >What was he "3 for 3" for?  I missed a couple seconds
> >here and there at the beginning, and I was just curious.

Well, Cooper walks in and says hi to Andy (the crying cop).
Andy's stuffing a donut in his mouth.  He then greets the ditzy
receptionist/dispatcher.  She too is stuffing her face.  Cooper then
sees Truman (who, as you pointed out was also eating) and says
"Ah, 3 for 3..." I thought this was very funny, meself.


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