Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Twin Peaks: a question...
From: (Pamela Jean Culbreth)
Date: 1990-04-17, 12:22
Reply-to: (Pamela Jean Culbreth)

In the beginning of the second episode, Cooper meets up
with Sheriff Truman at the police station, and says
something like "Ah, 3 for 3..." He rambles on for a bit
while the sheriff is stuffing his face with a donut and
then excuses himself to go "urinate".

What was he "3 for 3" for?  I missed a couple seconds
here and there at the beginning, and I was just curious.

I'm surprised that no one has mentioned the HILARIOUS scene
at the restaurant when Cooper is ordering breakfast.
He's talking about grapefruits (or something like
that) and that girl (the one who poured water all over
the papers on the desk in the pilot) walks over to him
as he focuses on her... er, well, you know.

Cooper's stream-of-conscious dialogue is interesting
also.  A good example is when he's talking to his FBI
buddy on the phone.  The FBI guy wants to view Laura's 
body but Cooper tells him that (loosely paraphrased)
" can have the body till Monday, then it's
gotta be put in the ground... when you come up here
you hafta go to this diner, the pie will KILL you..."

By the way, is anyone else's VCR working overtime now
that TP and Cheers are on at the same time?  Major
conflict for me there.