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Subject: A few ideas on items
From: (rON. (
Date: 1990-04-18, 02:47
Reply-to: (rON. (

a) The missing necklace piece- One possibility that has not been ventured
into yet- perhaps the piece of the necklace found in the railroad car 
belonged to Ronette, and not Laura.

b) Dr. Jacoby (the psychatrist, and the one who was listening to a tape of
Laura at the end of the first episode) was one of Laura's lovers, most 
likely. I don't think he is the mysterious 'one-armed' man, but I didn't
look at his arms, time to re-check the tape...

c) Leo (the truckdriver) is scum, but I don't think he is the killer. He might
have had something to do with the killings, however. (There could be more than
one killer, you know...)

d) The sub-plot with the mill is just a sub-plot- this is a soap opera type
format, you know- gotta develop other plots and all...

e) All in all, a damn (excuse me) fine show. Most amusing.

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