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Subject: Re: Argh!
From: sl@van-bc.UUCP (Stuart Lynne)
Date: 1990-04-18, 01:14

In article <> (Lord Tattersall) writes:
> >(2) WHAT?  What was Leo doing slicing up that football just before
> >Shelley got home (and who but David Lynch would include a scene of a
> >psycho slicing up a football with a kitchen knife)?  Someone suggested
> >that Leo was trying to hide something in it, but then realized that once
> >a football's been sliced open, it's probably not a very good hiding
> >place.
--- spoiler -----

In this week's episode it's pretty obvious that Leo is aware of what Bobby
is doing to his wife. 

There is a secret meeting in the woods with some pretty veiled threats by
Leo to "take care of it". He ends by suggesting that Bobby go "out for a
pass" while he waves a shotgun at him. When Bobby and his friend arrive back
at their car there is a miniature football on the hood.

So the sliced up football would seem to be a token of Leo's affection for
Bobby. I guess he's just waiting for Bobby to fork over the last $10,000
before killing him.

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