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Subject: Re: Biggest inconsistency yet
From: chris@bullwinkle.UUCP (Chris Andersen (The Dangerous Guy))
Date: 1990-04-18, 13:50
Reply-to: chris@toontown.UUCP (Chris Andersen (The Dangerous Guy))

In article <> (Jon Conrad) writes:
> >
> >On day 1, Bobby and Mike are sitting in jail, talking about the $20,000
> >they have to give to Leo (the trucker).  They have a problem because
> >Bobby gave half of it (he says) to Laura for safekeeping and now the
> >police have it.  But the other half, he says, he gave to Leo "last
> >night."
> >
> >Well, last night Leo was supposedly in Butte, Montana!  Shelley sure
> >thought so when Bobby drove her home after breakfast at the diner this
> >morning.  And Bobby sure acted surprised and dismayed to find Leo
> >around.  (And he had "called her from Butte" the night before.)  It
> >indeed was not in his interest to get caught there by Leo, yet he knew
> >he was around, having given him money the night before.
> >
> >So what's going on here?  Can't wait to find out....

I think the mistake you make is to think that the conversation between
Bobby and Mike in the jail took place on day 1.  It didn't, it happened in
day 2 (actually, I don't think we have one episode per day, but let's call
it that anyway).

The timeline is like this:

Day 0: (before the day of the first episode)

	Laura Palmer spends some time with Bobby, then with James, and then
	goes off and get's herself killed.

Day 1: (first episode)

	Laura's body is found.  Ronnette wonders out of the hills.  Special
	Agent Cooper is called in on the case.  Cooper and Truman find the
	$10,000 in the safe deposit box.  
	That same morning Bobby and Shelley are surprised to find Leo back
	Bobby is picked up at the school and Cooper interviews him at the 
	police station, then let's him go.  (if this all took place in one
	day, it was a very RUSHED day).

	Later that night Bobby and his friend show up at the Roadhouse, get 
	into a fight and are put in jail.

Day 2: (second episode)

	Bobby and his friend, in jail, talk about the money and Bobby says he
	gave $10,000 to Leo "last night".  Now, "last night" would have been
	Day 1, probably after Cooper and Truman let him go and before he went
	to the Roadhouse and definately AFTER Bobby found out that Leo was back
	in town (the money may have been a major reason why he was visibly 
	upset at finding this out).  
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