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Subject: Re: Euro Version of Twin Peaks pilot episode
From: sl@van-bc.UUCP (Stuart Lynne)
Date: 1990-04-18, 01:28

In article (Joe Siri Ekgren) writes:
}Joe Wolfe writes:
}> I read recently that David Lynch and company added a 19 minute ending to the
}> pilot episode for video release in Europe.  In that version, the murderer of
}> Laura Palmer, the prom queen babe, is revealed.  Does anyone know who that
}> version reveals to be the killer?
}I recently saw the video "Twin Peaks" here in Norway, and I assume this was
}the european version.
}Bob, a former disciple of Lucifer, has mended his ways (and in the process
}unmended an arm, which had become an instrument of satan. Fashion-
}forecast for this summer: cutoffs.). Now the three venture into the 
}hospital basement for a showdown with the dark farces, errh forces,
}and its local representative, a former acquaintance of Bob. There we
}find a candle lit Lucifers pentangle, thus disturbing the killer's esoteric 
}rendition of "I love Lucy". The killer, who hasn't appeared in the movie
}till now, is as coherent as a qualuded Quale. He confesses two murders and 
}reveals his motive: Eventually the first initials of all the young
}girls fallen victim will spell his name. (Another victim of the National
}Spelling Bee Program.) As Bob shoots killer, the FBI agent says "Make a
}wish...", and a wind whispers in the basement extinguishing the candles in
}the pentangle of Belzebub. Darkness.

}In a surrealistic surroundings the FBI-agent is seated vis-a-vis a dwarf
}and the late Laura Palmer, all three easily conversing in a strange lingo.
}(Were these scenes run through a vocoder, or did Lynch splice the soundtrack
}the way the Beatles made the merry-go-round music* in "Mr. Kite"** ?) The
}dwarf does a dadaesque solo-number, whereafter Jeffrey Beaumont engages Laura.

---- minor spoiler ------

Some of the above (not all though) comprises the last 8 minutes of this
weeks episode. I thought I was watching something from the Prisoner.

Is this getting strange? Or what? I don't know, what's on third... who's on

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