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Subject: Re: Mindless speculation about the killer (SPOILER?)
From: cerez@polyslo.CalPoly.EDU (Chet Erez)
Date: 1990-04-18, 01:06

Tim Maroney writes:
> >Wayne Mesard writes:
>> >>Who didn't do it:
>> >>
>> >>1) That truck driver.  Too obvious.  He might have done that other girl
>> >>   (and just when are going to hear from her anyway?), but the smart money
>> >>   had already decided that the incidents were unrelated.  (You can
>> >>   quote me on that.)  Remember that the attack last year was in a
>> >>   different part of the state.  Truck drivers travel a lot.  And this
>> >>   one came home early the day after the rape with blood on his shirt.
> >
> >You've mentioned two of the main things indicting Leo -- he drives very
> >fast and his shirt was soaked with blood -- but missed a couple of
> >others.  One's obvious -- he obviously enjoys hurting women.  The other
> >-- the interior of his house has a lot of plastic wrap lying around,
> >apparently from unfinished improvements.

I think the plastic is a significant clue.  I've read several blurbs
where Lynch has said that there are clues if you look carefully enough.
Another clue is that fact that this was the second shirt that his wife
has lost.  Could the other shirt have been lost a year ago, about the
time of the first murder?  Could it be that she is making a collection 
of his blood stained shirts?  I would explain why he checked the washing 
machine to see if it was still there.  

>> >>2) The football boyfriend.  Killers don't have nice hair.
> >
> >Bobby killed somebody, but I'm not sure if it was Jocelyn's husband, or
> >the as-yet-unidentified stiff in the barn the year before.  I doubt he
> >killed Laura, though it's possible.  My bet is that he was paid by
> >Jocelyn to kill her husband, and that she's deeply involved with the
> >drugs and pornography in the town -- and possibly with Laura's killer.
> >In this case, still waters run deep.  You can tell from the direction,
> >specifically the way her face is presented and when.

It could be that Laura visiting Jocelyn for "English lessons" was just
a cover for something else.  I'm pretty sure that Laura was probably a
prostitute or something close.  Does anyone remember if the autopsy
showed that she had "sex" with three people or if she was "raped" by 
three people?

>> >>3) The biker.  (Gosh this guy's really good with names.  You can tell
>> >>   he's a real fan.)  Jack Kerouac characters aren't killers.
> >
> >James Hurley.  I'm sure he didn't do it.

I wouldn't put it past Lynch to have made the most obvious person have
done it.  He is working very hard to shake up the television norms, like
having people actually get upset when a person dies (one person even
posted that he though the whole town had done it because he couldn't
conceive of that many people being so shooken up).

A few thoughts:
1)  My current front runner is Leo.  He may not be the murderer, but he
is involved in something bad.  
2)  I think that we should accept is that Cooper knows what he is doing.
When he said that Laura was murdered by the same person as the girl in
the other corner of the state, it is either true, been made to look the
same by someone who had all the details, or is an elaborate lie.  I 
wouldn't put anything past Cooper and Truman.
3)  I think that Ed though he was drugged at the bar is important.  
4)  We will probably learn more about the partial blinding of Ed's wife 
and the cripling of the Doc's wife.  They may not be direct motives, but 
they will fill in more of the background.  The same applies to the 
One-Armed-Man, whoever he might be.  Also, what exactly has he done
so far?  Was he in the first episode?
5)  I'm pretty sure that there is only one gold heart.  Remember how they 
showed Laura breaking it apart in a flashback?  It would be pretty easy 
to match the halves once both are collected (Laura's is in custody and 
James' is safely hidden in a coconut).  
6)  I'm not sure if the shrink was laughing or crying at the end of the 
second episode.  The stuff one his tapes is vital to understanding
Laura's life (and death).
7)  The fact that the second girl got out alive is significant.  For some
reason, the murderer(s) didn't want, need, or have the time to kill her.  
8)  There is alot more to come out about the 'R' under the fingernail
and the note at the murder scene.  It is possible that the murderer
was a mad man who did it at random and all the detail we are going to
find out about the folks of 'Twin Peaks' are one GIANT MacGuffin/red
herring.  But I doubt it.
9)  I think the Log Lady knows something.
10) I think that we are going to find out about Diane, and it is going
to be hilarious.


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