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Subject: Re: more on the evil harry s. truman
From: (Sean Schur)
Date: 1990-04-18, 01:53

In article <71040@aerospace.AERO.ORG> (Nick Lubofsky) writes:
> >
> >Harry might be trafficking the cocaine, which is probably the
> >reason for the FBI investigation in the first place.  I'm not an
> >authority, but would the FBI even get involved with just a couple of
> >local murders? But cocaine is a different story.  Especially if it's
> >major trafficking.  
> >
> >Whatcha think?  Any contradictions from the plot line?  Let me know.
> >

In the pilot Sheriff Truman is talking to Agent Cooper when he arrives and
says that he is glad the girl (the one who survivied and is in the hospital)
stepped over state line so the FBI could become involved. I assume that 
possibly the bridge we saw her walking across was a state line separation.
And there is also the major discussion about "serial murders". With the
recurring letters under the fingernails, etc. Cooper mentions that this has
been happening in other states with the same M.O. in the past.

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