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Subject: Re: necklaces
From: (Sean Schur)
Date: 1990-04-18, 01:11

In article <> chaz@vicorp.UU.NET writes:
> >
> >I think the second episode was not near as good as the first.  The
> >commercials have come in full force now, and the pace of the scenes
> >have been sacrificed in the process.  On one hand it seems
> >like they want to pack a lot of action in, to keep people's attention
> >up.  On the other hand, they have much more time than a typical movie,
> >so the topics drift, creating a kind of soap opera feeling, many 
> >characters but no coherent plot or subplot (of course, it's the 
> >beginning).  The second episode did not
> >move near as well as the first.  The commercials slice it all 
> >up even further.  Lynch is fighting the medium.

This is a false assumption. Firstly, Lynch didn't direct the second episode,
only the pilot. However, he is a co-writer on both episodes. Secondly, I
heard an interview with Lynch last week on "All Things Considered". He said
that his first thought was that he would have a problem with tv because of
commercials. But, now he loves the idea of commercials. He said that he likes
the idea of splitting up the story into 11 minute segments. He thinks it is
good for the audience to be able to have a couple of minutes to rest and then
they can get back into it again. He said he likes the idea so much that he
is thinking of putting breaks like that into feature films where ushers will
come out during the breaks and sell hot dogs.

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