Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: necklaces
From: (Joe Wolfe)
Date: 1990-04-18, 06:58

OK, while we're on the subject of necklaces....

Several of you have suggested the possiblity that there is *more than
one* heart necklace.  Let's get an authoritative accounting of who
(which characters) has or does possess a heart necklace and which half
of the necklace they possessed.  I have not been taping the episodes so
I encourage others to review their tapes to help verify this.

We will set a standard so that we will name the halves of the necklace
(or is it a pendant?) "right half" and "left half" with respect to
how the necklace appears from the front.   

            Left          ***   ***            Right
                         *   * *   *
                        * this*side *
                        *has writing*
                         *    |    *
                          *   |   *
                           *  |  *
                            * | *

Presumably Laura had *both* halves at one time.  Her body was found with one
half.  Does somebody know which one?

That should get the ball rolling.  Of course, this method of tracing the
killer will be useless if the "Twin Peaks" 's  continuity director isn't
doing his or her job.