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Subject: Re: Ronette and the boxcar
From: cerez@polyslo.CalPoly.EDU (Chet Erez)
Date: 1990-04-18, 21:02

Melissa Williams responded:
> >
> >I wrote:
>> >> A few thoughts:
>> >> 7)  The fact that the second girl got out alive is significant.  For some
>> >> reason, the murderer(s) didn't want, need, or have the time to kill her.  
>> >> Why?
> >
> >Are we sure that Laura was killed in the boxcar?  Why would the killer go
> >to such great lengths to wrap Laura's body in the plastic and take it to
> >the lake and yet leave Ronette still alive?  Remember, Ronette was mumbling
> >something like, "don't go in there . . .", which indicates to me that she was
> >there before Laura was.
> >
> >Is it possible the Laura left the boxcar alive, maybe not too well off though,
> >and then murdered by someone else?

The police dogs followed Ronette's trail back to the boxcar.  Laura's half
of the heart was there.  I haven't heard any definitive proof that Laura
was there.  I can't remember if the police have gotten the forensics back
on the boxcar yet.  Somehow, though, that heart got there.  If Laura
didn't bring it there, I'm curious who did.

With regards to the heart, Laura's half was on a gold chain.  James' half
was on a leather thong.  The police said they wanted to know who had the
other half.  It was Donna who assumed that they thought the murder had
it.  She may have had an ulterior motive, but I doubt it.

BTW, where did all this talk of Satanic cults come from?  I don't remember
any details pointing in this direction.  The same goes for the idea that
Truman did it.  This isn't an episode of "Murder, She Wrote", so in the
end after we have dug through all of the red herrings, I expect the murder
to be more simple than people expected.  After a crying policeman and 
a sorrow filled school, I'm hopping for a solution that is just as 

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