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Subject: Re: TWIN PEAKS
From: sl@van-bc.UUCP (Stuart Lynne)
Date: 1990-04-18, 01:20

In article <3868@ursa.UUCP> jmd@ursa.UUCP (Josh Diamond) writes:
}In article <54988@bbn.COM> (Wayne Mesard) writes:
}>Not  writes:
}>>Why is there a struggle for power at the wood-mill
}>>between the old woman(darn, what's her name?) and the oriental chick?
}>The woman who runs the mill is the O.C.'s sister-in-law.  Mr. Packard
}>(sp?) died (I got the impression it was <1 year ago) leaving the mill to
}>his widow (the O.C., hereafter Mrs. Packard).
}Yes, but as we learn this week, the widow is in bed with the guy who is
}trying to sell real estate to the norwegians (laura's dad's boss).  I 
}think she want to get hold to the land which belongs to the mill for
}real estate development.  At this point in time, I can't see that it has
}anything to do with laura.

It's not a so much of a power struggle as an attempt to get the land the
sawmill is on by fraudulent means for a larger real estate deal.

Catherine Martell is in a silent partnership with Mr. Horne. She is cooking
the books to drive the sawmill out of business (although last week there was
talk of hurrying things along with a fire).

---- spoiler ------

This week Mrs. Packard and Pete Martell join forces to investigate the books.

Mr Hornes brother (?) arrives back from a trip. He seems involved in the
land deal somehow.

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