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Subject: Re: Twin Peaks: a question...
From: jodell@hpcupt1.HP.COM (Jamie Odell)
Date: 1990-04-18, 10:31

/ / (randall w wachtel) /  1:08 pm  Apr 17, 1990 /

>> >>    An untouched subject:  Why is there a struggle for power at the wood-mill
>> >>between the old woman(darn, what's her name?) and the oriental chick?  Does 
>> >>it have to do anything with Laura Palmer or is it just a power struggle?  I
>> >>remember the quarrel between the two
>> >>when the younger woman wanted to close the
>> >>mill on account of Laura's death, and the older one fought not to.  I remember
>> >>the older woman saying "It's time we gave her some real trouble (or something 
>> >>like that)".  And why is the sheriff not seeing her(the younger one, I promise
>> >>to get the names next time) in public?  What is he afraid of?

The oriental woman was the wife of the mill owner, who died.  The old woman is
the mill owner's sister.  The oriental woman got the mill in the mill owner's
will and now the old woman wants to ruin her.  

			Jamie Odell