Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Twin Peaks speculations
From: (Michael J. Carlin)
Date: 1990-04-18, 16:47

With all the speculation about who the murderer(s) is(are), let's not
forget about Sven and the rest of the Norwegians.

Recall that in the first episode we learn via Ben Horne that Sven said
his air sacs "never felt better" from his early morning exercise.  The
police determined that the murder took place between midnight and 4 AM.
Just how early in the morning did Sven's exercise take place?  And just
what all was involved in the exercise?  He had the opportunity.

At the time of the previous murder, the Norwegians, who are real estate
investors/developers, might have been looking at properties in that part
of the state.  Another possible opportunity.

When Audrey coyly wanders into the meeting room supposedly to check out
the smorgasbord but in reality to cause mischief, Sven lustfully asks 
her, "can I help you, young, pretty girl?"  So it appears that Sven has a
thing for young, pretty girls, and Laura and Ronnette fit that 
description.  A possible motive.

After Audrey mentioned the murder, Sven became panicky.  Perhaps he was
afraid that he had been found out.  Very suspicious.

Sven and the rest of the Norwegians left town in a hurry once the murder
had been discovered.  Recall that Sven said to Ben Horne that he and the
group were leaving because it was "too dangerous".  "Too dangerous"
because he feared he might be murdered himself, or "too dangerous" 
because he might be discovered?  No one else has fled town.  Very, very

Mike Carlin