Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Here we go with installment 4
From: (Brian Roddy)
Date: 1990-04-26, 19:14

Random thoughts:

Madelien, MADELIEN, we know you're Laura!!!!!  
Did they show her name in the credits......

Convenient that the body is rushed to burial so they can't check
fingerprints, hair dye, et al.  (Then again maybe they did.)

J, R and the secret society seem to throw off the evil sheriff theory for

Nice development of Hawk, love Cooper's response to learning he's a tracker...
"Dream spirits wander with the dead."

It seems that Laura's death will get pushed into the background and the 
"darkness" in the woods will take over.  Also, Cooper's retirement home
in TP could let the show go on and on.  Now the trick is figuring who 
is in which society and how they fit together.  

Laura's murder was probably committed by many members, "She had multiple
wounds, no one caused her death."

Well, the light is still red, and Leland has no way of going home...
Until next week, let's beat this episode to death.

"This must be were pies go when they die"

p.s. Pardon the inaccuracy of all above quotes.