Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: More minutiae
Date: 1990-04-26, 06:26

A few points, with no attempt to guess at their significance:

1) Hard to make it out with TV resolution, but the new girl's necklace appears
to be a club, not a spade.

2) The midget says "She's *MY* cousin", not she's Laura's cousin, as many
posters refer to her.  Apparently TV Guide says Laura's cousin will appear this
week, so now it looks like all three are relatives?

3) While eating the brie/butter/baguette, Ben says that it reminds him of Jenny
and Janie down by the river.  Jerry looks puzzled, but then sniffs the
sandwich, and the aroma jogs his memory, and he agrees.  Very similar to the
way Cooper smells the note card.

4) We really have no proof that Jerry was in France.  It's almost as if he
brings the sandwiches to establish his alibi, but you could but that stuff

5) The cassette tape that Dr. Jacoby plays is labeled "With Love, Laura",
further establishing a romantic link between the two.

6) At no time yet has Cooper, Albert, or his boys shown any form of FBI

7) Truman is fully aware that Ben Horne wants Josie's land - he tells Cooper at
the town meeting that Ben isn't interested in Josie, just her land.

Now speculation:

Are Ben Horne and Leland Palmer related in any way?  I had to rewind my VCR and
double check the red polka dotted tie that Ben was wearing when he was with
Catherine to determine which one of them it was doing the dirty deed with her. 
The seem to bear a striking resemblance - much greater than do Ben and Jerry.

Will we ever see the school principal again?  He seemed overly moved by the
knowledge of Laura's death.  Another regular at the Jack?