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Subject: not LP theory circumstantially supported.
From: daveb@llama.Ingres.COM (here kitty, kitty...)
Date: 1990-04-26, 10:49

In article <> (Eli Posner) writes:
> >
> >Personally I suspect, as many have already mentioned, that the body found
> >was NOT that of LP. All Cooper knows is that no one killed LP. She is not
> >dead. Thus we are not going to see any arrests for her murder. Nor does
> >he know who killed LP2 - the dead body. 
> >

Another tidbit supporting this theory is that Albert has only just
started his autopsy.  If he hawd shown up earlier, it would have come
out sooner.  We'll hear from Albert and Cooper tonight, and I bet they
won't be in 100% agreement.


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