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Subject: Re: directors, etc.
From: (Cisco's Buddy)
Date: 1990-04-26, 01:47

In article <13274@csli.Stanford.EDU>, podlozny@csli.Stanford.EDU (Ann Podlozny) writes...

} "Lynch and Frost have each directed one more episode [beyond the pilot];
} the other directors, including Tim Hunter, Tina Rathborne, and Caleb
} Deschanel, were chosen for their movie backgrounds.

For those of you who may be interested in what movies these directors have

Caleb Deschanel:      THE ESCAPE ARTIST (1982)
                      CRUSOE (1988)

Tim Hunter:           TEX (1982)
                      SYLVESTER (1985)
                      RIVER'S EDGE (1987)

[Bet]Tina Rathborne   THE JOY THAT KILLS (1985) (TV movie)
                      PHOEBE (1988)

Of all of these, I've only seen RIVER'S EDGE and THE ESCAPE ARTIST. I
don't remember much about the latter (which may be telling in itself)
other than that it starred Raul Julia, but I do recall a rather surreal
feel to it. RIVER'S EDGE, which is the one many of you have probably
seen, is a dark, disturbing film that fits right in to what Lynch and
Frost are doing with TWIN PEAKS.

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