Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Geography of Twin Peaks
From: loren@rutabaga.Rational.COM (Loren Rosen)
Date: 1990-04-26, 12:53
Newsgroups: (Rich Rosen) writes:

> >BTW, the notion that the border crossed by Ronette was the border with Canada
> >would make the scope of the crime international rather than interstate.  BUT
> >in any case, how does the fact that a murder occurs in one state and someone
> >else who is not murdered crosses a bridge from one state to another necessitate
> >the intervention of the FBI?  I'm not sure I understand the FBI's participation
> >here at all, so I'm either missing something obvious (quite likely) and/or the
> >speculations about a "real" motive for Cooper's being there are well warranted.

I think the implication is that the boxcar site (with the blood and the note)
was across the state line.  Since Ronette was there, she was presumably
transported across state lines against her will, which is reason enough for
the FBI to get involved.  I would guess the railroad bridge crosses a river
which is supposed to be the state line.  

Of course, this doesn't explain why Agent Cooper already had investigated
the earlier murder in the state, or how he managed to arrive in town so
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