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Subject: the missing day
Date: 1990-04-26, 19:39


I think it's entirely possible that in the pilot there was a day either 1)
between the discovery of Laura's body and Ronette walking out of the woods or
2) (much more likely) Ronette walking out of the woods and Cooper showing up. 
If I remember correctly, there was a cut from Ronette to Cooper in his car
talking to Diana the Tape Recorder about cherry pie.  We are never told how
much time passes between the two events, but it seems more plausible that it
would be the next day than that it would be just two hours later (at the most,
since lots of other stuff happens that day).

Also, in attempting to predict who the murderer is, I keep thinking about
_Blue_Velvet_.  All of the brilliance and innovation of that movie have to do
with theme and style.  If you think about the actual plot of the thing, it's
pretty mundane.  In fact, compared to other mystery movies, it's cliched and
boring.  That makes me think that there's nothing as outlandish as time travel
involved in this.  The Mike/Bobby/One-armed-Mike/Killer Bob pairing could
easily be another invocation of the doubling theme without having relevance to
the facts of the case.
Andy Perry; Swarthmore College OR AWP92@swarthmr

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