Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Well now we know...
From: (Scott James Ladewig)
Date: 1990-04-26, 20:54
Reply-to: sjl8335@cec2.UUCP (Scott James Ladewig)

Well I must say tonight's episode sure ran through that
dream quickly.  Cooper eliminated the Bob and Mike are
Bobby and Mike from the future, and we also know what
sometimes my arms bend back means.  At least the cousin
has different color hair than Laura.  It would have been a
bit much for for her to be exactly the same. Imagin what
kind of response Leland would have had had he seen a double
of his daughter.  The guy has really flipped!
And it's nice to see Cooper plans to purchase some property
in Twin Peaks, now there's a reason for him to hang around! 
And with the way he talked to Albert, you can see he has
changed from how he was in the ole days before this case.
Scott "Cheesehead" Ladewig