Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: A nasty piece of work...
From: (Josh Hodas)
Date: 1990-04-27, 06:49

Several people have mentioned the bloody rag about which Cooper
says "A nasty piece of work..."

To me it looks just like what I would expect if you wrapped some
stones (or other weight) in the rag and used it to bludgeon someone
(in a way similar to what Leo did to Shelley in episode 2). Note how
the blood concentrated in the middle (the point of impact) and spread
out from there.  This would go along well with Killer Bob's comment
about his "death bag" in the dream.

Note, I don't think this implicates Leo. I think the scene with Leo
was just to show he's a brute as well as to make it possible for us
to understand the "death bag"/blood-rag when we heard/saw them.

On rewatching my tape of episode 3 I have a couple of comments about 
things said here in the last week:

The football on the car is definitely the same one that was in the
tree. It is not miniature (I don't know what made people think it was).
It is deflated. And it definitely landed on the roof while they were there,
it was not just put there.

The map of tibet (actually a map of China, Tibet, Mongolia, etc) was a
pretty standard paper map. It had the usual fold marks. I couldnt see
the labels well enough to judge its age, but I really dont think there
was anything special about it.

Also, the new girl at one-eyed-Jack's did not necesserally work at the
perfume counter. She was "freshly scented from the perfume counter..."
not "fresh from the perfume counter..."

Finally, someone said after last nights episode that the reason that
Cooper said it could wait till morning was that he didn't have the actual
name (ie no data usefule to a small town cop). Personally, I think he
did know at the time of the call, but forgot by morning. Think of all
the times you wake up from a really vivid dream with the whole thing
in your head. Then you slip back to sleep and when you wake up the next
morning the details have gone fuzzy.  This is why therapists who believe
in dream content have patients write down the details the second they
wake up from the dream.

Just my thoughts


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