Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Cooper's Dream & the "missing time"
From: (K. Fritz Ruehr)
Date: 1990-04-27, 18:46

  A couple of people have remarked on incongruities between Cooper's dream
as we saw it and Cooper's dream as described by him to HST and Lucy:

> > What is the significance of Cooper telling HST and the dip they were
> > in his dream? 
> > Did we see the One-armed Man shoot Killer Bob in Cooper's dream?  He says we
> > did, but I don't think so.  I think they expected to have that bit from the
> > Euro-film in the dream, but it didn't make it.  (Remember, episode #2 was shot
> > out of order, so the flashback to the dream was filmed before the Euro footage
> > was edited into the dream.)
  My guess is that the "missing time" during the day of the episode ending in 
the dream was stuff cut out to make room for the dream sequence being tacked
on the end of the episode from the Euro version.  The original may either have
had a different dream sequence OR none at all (my bet).  If you listen to 
DC's description of his dream all by itself, it has a very surreal, quirky 
feel to it that fits him just right, even (especially?) if we HADN'T seen the
dream ourselves.

  This theory would explain the problem with Cooper knowing about (Hawk's
sketch of) Sarah Palmer's vision of Killer Bob: he might have seen the sketch
ORIGINALLY during the "missing day".  THEN it could have been re-edited to go
in next week's show because the inclusion of the Euro dream sequence didn't
leave enough time for it.

  Or something like that ....

  PS: And hey, leave poor Lucy alone--"dip" indeed!

  PPS: Speaking of Lucy, if she IS the new girl at OEJ's, notice that SHE was
the one who went quite out of her way to get DC to allow OEJ to be erased from
the J list.  Hmmmmm ....

  --  Fritz Ruehr