Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Episode 4 (1+3) Ideas
From: (George Ferguson)
Date: 1990-04-27, 09:11

I love the use of "death" and pies: "a cherry pie to die for," "the place
where pies go when they die." Makes me feel uneasy about Cooper's stability.

Albert and the drill was excellent (I thought of Body Double), but Cooper
taking him down a notch seemed stilted.

And as someone else pointed out, the "re-enactment" of the funeral scene
at the diner was really spooky contrast.

"Is that ounce for personal use?" "Yeah." - Cooper and Jacques' brother.
"Look. It's trying to talk." - Albert about HST.

Latest theory:
We know for sure (in case we didn't before) that Jacques and his brother
are French, presumably French-Canadian. So the note that read "Jack with
one eye" was REALLY supposed to read "Jacques with one eh," clearly
implicating the bartender.

Have I got this thing figured or what? Keep those ideas coming.

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