Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Episode 4
From: (Rajiv Sarathy)
Date: 1990-04-27, 10:51

Some questions to ponder:

	1. Why was Audrey's father at the Morgue instead of Leland Palmer?

	2. Audrey's father said something like

		"...I know I speak for everyone, the Palmer family included,
	   when saying that Laura should be buried right away.  The way he
	   said it, it seemed that he cares more for Laura than Leland does.
	   (Maybe I'm wrong).  It is at this point, we see Leland watching
	   the beginning of the Soap Opera on TV, where the [grand]father
	   is writing a suicide not to his daughters.  Notice how this
	   character added the second daughter's name as an afterthought?  As
	   if she might not really be his daughter?  Any connection?  Maybe
	   Mr. Horne is just there to make sure that the FBI doesn't find
	   something he doesn't want them too...

	3. Why did Audrey know that Laura worked at the Perfume counter, but
	   didn't know that Ronette worked there as well?

	4. I hope that the two Canadians' accent isn't supposed to be French!
	   If it was, then it was a terrible job!  British Columbians don't
	   have such accents either.  Nor do they usually have French names!
	   Are they from somewhere else?

	5. In the slow-mo during the funeral scene, is all that is said
	   "I'll kill you?"  I recall hearing a normal-speed voice as well,
	   and a VERY slow voice that I couldn't discern.  What was said?

	6. Laura's mom cried to her husband "Don't ruin this TOO!" when he
	   was taking a ride on the casket.  It sounded like she meant that
	   he had ruined everything else for Laura.  Does this confirm 
	   someone's theory about Leland giving her away, or knowing about
	   her problems?

	7. It seems that whenever Lucy writes something down, it is a hint to
	   viewers.  Maybe she serves a purpose other than just comic relief
	   after all!  

There's my insight for the day...

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