Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Guesses and Revelations
From: (Malachi Orion Kelerison)
Date: 1990-04-27, 08:00

Wow so much for Episode 3 (Pilot=0).

A lot of the guesswork done in this newsgroup was right after all.

   There was something odd about the signals with people touching their eyes.
   Everyone who was suspicious of Ed being on a stakeout and getting a Mickey
or didn't think Sheriff Truman was telling the whole truth... WAS right!
   The postulations that Laura was boffing her psychiatrist were correct.

Now for some new work:

   The only difference between Madeline and Laura is hair color (and those damn
dark glasses). The glasses annoyed me because they made it hard to tell that
she was the same actress, but around them her face was the same. One point
though: Who was it who said that Laura from another place had blue eyes?
Madeline's eyes are brown. At least the Madeline we see. What if Madeline's 
eyes are blue? Laura was in a lot of trouble a good way out would have been to
be killed. All she'd have to do is bleach Madeline's hair and kill her. Did
the corpse have brown eyes or blue? And then dye her own hair brown.
   Leland is serious damaged. There ws the bit with the picture in Episode 2
which suggests that he has blood on his hands. there could be a lot of guilt
involved in her death. He might have known what she was into and blames
himself or it could be more serious than that.
   Nadine KNOWS about Ed and Norma! "Last night was wonderful! Just like the
was it used to be!" (or words to that effect) followed by some dialogue abot
Norma and Ed being high school sweet hearts. And some indications of recent
   So those are Bobby's parents.... Oy Gevault! No wonder he turned ot the way
he did. And did anyone expect *Bobby* to be the perceptive one who points out
that the entire town is responsible for Laura's death by way of just not
getting involved.


   I couldn't stand the direction in that last episode, not only isn't it up
to Lynch, but it wasn't up to whoever directed Episode 1. The characters were
lifeless. One of the great things about Cooper is his cheeriness. The way he
smiled and beamed while Albert insulted the town and Truman. The way his eye
gleamed when he gave Truma the thumb-up for putting Albert in his place. Also
in the last episode Albert's insults were beautiful, delivered as if he was
just stating facts off the top of his head. This tme it sounded like he was
being deliberately abusive. I could go on and on for each character, but I'd 
like to point out that ONE (1) character survived: Nadine shone. She was 
brilliant in this episode. Is she manic or what? James shows up and she says:
"Who's that?"

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