Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Observations on 4/26 episode
From: gejohann@uokmax.uucp (Gene Edward Johannsen)
Date: 1990-04-27, 14:09

Just watched the episode again and have a couple things to point out:
1) Audrey did not confirm or deny that the note meant 'One Eyed Jacks'.  The 
exchange went something like this:
	Cooper "Why did you write the note?"
	Audrey "I thought you could use the help"
	Cooper "What is One Eyed Jacks?"

	Audrey did not interpret the note, but I have an interpretation.  When
you notice that Audrey looks at Cooper with bedroom eyes all the time, then
the note takes on a very strong sexual connotation.  

2) Leo is obviously lying about being in Butte.  He did call his wife "at about
that time" but he also showed up too early the next day, as shown in the pilot.

3) When Cooper mentions to Diane that he might pick up some Real Estate he
is more than preparing to stick around.  He is also telling us that he has a
good suspect (I'd say Leo).  He tells Diane that he will be able to get the 
property cheap, indicating that someone is going to be leaving soon, against
their will.  Note the way Cooper was admiring Leo's place.

4) When Jacques called Leo, he called from "The Phone booth at the Cash and 
Carry".   Can we say convenience store, boys and girls?

As a side note, the music played at the party after the funeral seemed odd 
for the type of day it had been.

Also, I really like Albert, even though he is an ass.  (I think he is just
misunderstood :-) I don't think his lines were fake at all, and I thought the
"Oh, look, it's trying to think" was perfectly timed and executed.  A real
good performance, to bad he's leaving so soon :-)

On the thought about clashing time periods, Dr Jacoby is obviously our 
representative from the 60's.