Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Episode 4: nomination for best quote
From: (Paul Raveling)
Date: 1990-04-27, 15:15

In article <90116.230606CRANER@YaleVM.YCC.Yale.Edu>,
CRANER@YaleVM.YCC.Yale.Edu (Richard S. Crane) writes:
> > ... just want to offer Agent Cooper's
> > comment on the huckleberry pie:
> >     "I bet this is where pies go when they die..."
> > as the best of this hour.

	There were several good lines.  I particularly liked the
	commercial break where they showed the TP title image and
	Lucy said "I think it's time for a donut".

> > [this newsgroup is almost as good as the show... I *hope* Lynch and some of
> > the others hear about it!]

	I'm feeding back assorted articles via Scott Frost, currently
	about once per week.  Maybe on the next phone call I'll find out
	whether they've reached David Lynch & Mark Frost yet.

Paul Raveling