Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Episode III Questions
From: (Malachi Orion Kelerison)
Date: 1990-04-27, 07:24

In article <> (Dave Mack) writes:
> >It's probably stupid to post this just a few hours before episode IV,
> >but what the hell...
> >
> >1) During the Tibetan baseball scene, the entire TP Sheriff's Dept.
> >   (Truman, Andy, Hawk, and even Lucy) are in the woods with Cooper.
> >   Who is guarding Ronette Pulaski while this is going on?

After seeing the episode: Prob'ly noone, but it could have been Ed, James...

> >2) Why did Cooper ask Hawk to wear kitchen mittens (pink ones, no less)
> >   while he held the bucket of rocks?

My guess: so that he didn't leave any psychic impressions of his own on the 
bucket or rocks.

> >3) Why didn't Cooper dictate any notes for Diane during episode III?
> >   Did they have a fight? Did the batteries wear out?

It prob'ly just didn't fit into the script, but it is anoying te way he's
ignoring her. He only dictated one note to her in episode 3 (pilot=0)

> >4) Why, in three episodes, has Agent Cooper not bothered to show his
> >   FBI ID to *anyone*? With Albert, it's understandable, but Cooper?

Hmmmnnn..... *maybe* he ISN'T FBI! (nyahhh....)

> >5) What was wrapped in the blood-stained piece of towel which Cooper
> >   referred to as "a nasty piece of work"?

It looked like a bandage to me.

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