Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Geography of Twin Peaks
From: slocum@hi-csc.UUCP (Brett Slocum)
Date: 1990-04-27, 10:10

In article (Rich Rosen) writes:
> >BTW, the notion that the border crossed by Ronette was the border with Canada
> >would make the scope of the crime international rather than interstate.  BUT
> >in any case, how does the fact that a murder occurs in one state and someone
> >else who is not murdered crosses a bridge from one state to another necessitate
> >the intervention of the FBI?  I'm not sure I understand the FBI's participation
> >here at all, so I'm either missing something obvious (quite likely) and/or the
> >speculations about a "real" motive for Cooper's being there are well warranted.

The FBI was called in because Ronette's kidnapping/rape/etc. is connected
to Laura's murder (they both occurred in the same place, probably by the
same perpetrators), and Ronette crossed state lines, therefore the whole case
comes under FBI jurisdiction.
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