Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Guesses and Revelations
From: barr@Apple.COM (Ron Barr)
Date: 1990-04-27, 10:39
Newsgroups: (Malachi Orion Kelerison) writes:

> >   I couldn't stand the direction in that last episode, not only isn't it up
> >to Lynch, but it wasn't up to whoever directed Episode 1. The characters were
> >lifeless. One of the great things about Cooper is his cheeriness. The way he
> >smiled and beamed while Albert insulted the town and Truman. The way his eye
> >gleamed when he gave Truma the thumb-up for putting Albert in his place. Also
> >in the last episode Albert's insults were beautiful, delivered as if he was
> >just stating facts off the top of his head. This tme it sounded like he was
> >being deliberately abusive. I could go on and on for each character, but I'd 
> >like to point out that ONE (1) character survived: Nadine shone. She was 
> >brilliant in this episode. Is she manic or what? James shows up and she says:
> >"Who's that?"

While this director had a different style, it made the episode seem fresh to me
and I'm looking forward to seeing new directors in the last few episodes.

Changing the subject - if ABC decides not renew the show I hope they let 
Frost & Lynch know early enough so that they can add a final ending rather
than a cliffhanger. In some ways I'd rather they didn't renew it. I have a 
feeling that the show will begin to stoop to a lowest common denominator within
a year or so. We, the fanatic viewing audience, are already actually noticing
changes in directors & writers, which is rare for TV. What happens when they
start to schlock this stuff together?