Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Guesses and Revelations
From: (Jeremy Crampton)
Date: 1990-04-27, 12:12

In article <40585@apple.Apple.COM>, barr@Apple.COM (Ron Barr) says:
> >
> > (Malachi Orion Kelerison) writes:
> >
>> >>   I couldn't stand the direction in that last episode, not only isn't it up
>> >>to Lynch, but it wasn't up to whoever directed Episode 1. The characters were
>> >>lifeless.

[other comments deleted]

>> >>but I'd like to point out that ONE (1) character survived: Nadine shone. She e
>> >>was brilliant in this episode. Is she manic or what? James shows up and she
>> >>says: "Who's that?"

> >While this director had a different style, it made the episode seem fresh to
> >me

I have to agree with this Malachi person.  The way this episode was directed
was just regular TV--good, but not as good as the brilliance of last week's
episode, or the pilot either, come to that.  The way I would characterise it
would be the difference between stereo and mono sound systems--the music is
the same, but there's no depth.  Nadine is the only one who was scary to
me--I really dislike her.

Besides, the whole attraction of this show is the various ways it is throwing
things into doubt, rather than confirming or explaining things.  This means
that silly speculation of the sort we saw with the "shadow nose/knows"
cannot even be dismissed at 100%, no matter how much we want to.  This
week's episode was like a great explanation sequence, and so rather than
undermining our sensibilities, the director was in fact confirming them
(of course, there is enough of a residual sense of doubt that this whole
episode may be undermined by further ones, which would truly be an
interesting move).

> >and I'm looking forward to seeing new directors in the last few episodes.

I'm not; even if the whole episode is to be undermined, we still had to sit
through the wooden and heavyhanded direction (check out the redness
quotient in the episode, if you don't think that's overdone maybe
you actually only have a black and white TV).

> >Changing the subject - if ABC decides not renew the show I hope they let
> >Frost & Lynch know early enough so that they can add a final ending rather
> >than a cliffhanger.

Are you implying that the episodes haven't been made yet?  I haven't seen
any discussion on this, and would be interested in knowing.

> >In some ways I'd rather they didn't renew it.

You're spot on.  I hope they don't either.  The chances are that
Kyle would not appear on a regular basis, and without him, half the
point of watching is gone.