Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Spoilers
From: sl@van-bc.UUCP (Stuart Lynne)
Date: 1990-04-27, 11:22

In article <220@beguine.UUCP> (BBS Account) writes:
> >I think we need to establish a definition of "spoilers" here.  I'm fairly
> >new to the net, but my understanding is this:
> >

A message that should be marked as a "spoiler" is one that contains
information about an upcoming show that would "ruin" your enjoyment of that
show if you knew about it ahead of time. It's also considered polite to
mention which episode of the show the spoiler might refer to if it's not the
next one.

This would typically be provided by people who already have seen the show
before it is aired widely elsewhere. For example with Star Trek - The New
Generation there is almost a two week period from when the first few people
see it (for example by getting it from the satellite feed) to when the last
few people see it broadcast by their local stations.

With Twin Peaks there is a two day window between when I see it (Tuesday at
10:00 PM) and the main ABC broadcast (Thursday at 9:00 PM). I like to make
postings commenting on it while it is still fresh so I mark them as spoilers
so you can delay reading them until after you have seen the episode.

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