Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Slow-mo reflections on 4/26
From: (Jon Conrad)
Date: 1990-04-27, 14:27

In article <> writes:
> >What did Laura Palmer's mother mean when she said to her 'elevator'
> >riding husband "Don't ruin it _again_!" ?

Wasn't it more like "Don't ruin this too"?  Anyway, it could have a
dark meaning, or it could just be the usual thing she says to him,
you're always doing the wrong this, don't ruin this too.  (He certainly
made a mess of Laura's photo.)

> >What's the significance of some of the major players NOT being in the
> >opening credits but in the Guest list?

It's been that way from the very start.  Its significance is mostly
financial.  Regular actors, in opening credits, get a weekly salary
whether they have anything to do or not.  Guest stars are hired and paid
only for the particular episode.  Of course the distinction may be
partly a result of bargaining in the first place:  "If you want me, make
me a Regular" or contrariwise "Ok, I'll do the show but don't list me as
a regular, that way I can still take outside jobs if they come up."  We
on the outside can only guess at the reasons, but they are sure to be
pragmatic rather than significant storywise.  Note that some of the most
important characters, like Leo and Sarah Palmer and Lucy and the 2
deputies, are in the Also Starring list after the show starts.

I'm amused by some of the notes that seem to say that certain elements
in this or that episode were a response to audience reaction, or network
pressures after the premiere.  Every episode was in the can and complete
long ago.