Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Slow-mo reflections on 4/26
Date: 1990-04-27, 02:05

After watching sections of the 4/26 episode 4 and 5 times:

In case you missed it, the previews for next week show Bobby holding
Leo's blood-stained shirt. He is wearing a mechanic's uniform with
"Dick" on the breast.

Speculation: Freeze-framing the picture of Norma's imprisoned husband,
Frank,  looked like it could be the one armed man from Cooper's dream.
(I know the name is different but the face looks similar.)

What did Laura Palmer's mother mean when she said to her 'elevator'
riding husband "Don't ruin it _again_!" ?

What is the significance of Cooper telling HST and the dip they were
in his dream?

While we're on the subject, anyone notice the inconsistency of Cooper
telling HST that he saw the man from Mrs. Palmer's vision (who Hawk
has sketched) in his dream when, according to next week's preview, he
hasn't seen the sketch yet?

We now know that Leo lives on the lake-"Ducks! Ducks on the lake!"

Cooper's going to look at real estate in the area--Presto, Cooper
stays in the community (and on the show) after the murder is resolved.

What's the significance of some of the major players NOT being in the
opening credits but in the Guest list?

After Leland gets sedated, Madeline walks in and Leland looks up and
says "Maddy, is that you?" If you pay close attention, the background
soap opera has a guy writing a suicide note but he is interrupted by a
knok on the door. Just as Leland recognizes Maddy, the suicide note
writer says, in Leland's silence, "What a surprise!". Nice, real nice.