Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: TWIN PEAKS 4/26
From: (Cisco's Buddy)
Date: 1990-04-27, 04:21

Well, I sure hope that this represents the low point for the series.
Otherwise, without Lynch's guiding hand, this series just won't make
it. I thought the script, direction, photography, and acting painfully
pedestrian this time around. Style isn't *everything*, but this
episode underscores how it was Lynch's style that caused TWIN PEAKS
to rise above soap opera mediocrity.

The script simply went through the motions. It had its moments, but
they were few and far between. Most of its echoes of early episodes,
mostly in its character bits (like Cooper and his huckleberry pie)
made them all seem like tired cliches already. The scene with Leland
Palmer on the coffin was the only Lynchian bit of inspired weirdness,
and because it was the only one, it stuck out like a sore thumb and
ended up looking stupid rather than inspired.

The photography was straightforward and dull. No eerie lighting, no
interesting angles, etc. The direction was the same. At the worst,
Rathborne elicited *dull* performances from the previously great
cast. The chemistry between characters was gone. MacLachlan no longer
had that cheerful mania that made his character great. Here, he seemed
old and tired, almost as if he'd been doing this series for four years
already and was getting bored with it. It was especially telling in
his humorless interactions with Albert. The only time he seemed to have
the spark was when Harry told him about the Bookhouse Boys.

Now, as for what was revealed in this episode (spoilers head, of course):

(a) Well, Cooper *knows* who killed Laura, but it's in his head in cypher.
Certainly a novel way to keep the mystery going.

(b) It was Audrey who slipped the "Jack with One Eye" note under Cooper's

(c) Laura, as well as Ronnette, had worked at the perfume counter in
Horne's Department Store.

(d) The "cousin" in the dream was not Madeleine. Madeleine is being
played by the same actress as Laura, and she does resemble Laura, but
she's different enough in appearance so the two cannot be confused.
There goes the theory that it was Madeleine who was killed and not Laura.

(e) An explanation is found for the line "Sometimes my arms bend back"
that has nothing to do with Nadine. But...that doesn't mean that the
Nadine connection isn't still valid.

(f) Jacques finally comes into the picture. And we learn that Big Ed
*was* secretly helping Harry on a case. *And* we learn that Ed, Hawk,
Harry, and James are all part of a Secret Society called the Bookhouse
Boys. And that the nose-tapping is the secret signal. Now I'm going to
have to review my tapes to see if the signal ever passed between James
and any of the others.

And the biggest revelation of all...

(g) Twin Peaks is where pies go when they die.

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