Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: A few things
From: tneff@bfmny0.UU.NET (Tom Neff)
Date: 1990-04-28, 01:05

Confessions of a tapehead...

 * Cooper was definitely throwing at MILK bottles, because when he
hit the trashcan instead (name: Johnny Horne) there was the wire
basket sitting next to it, with more bottles inside.

 * The neon sign for One Eyed Jacks has a red "J" and a Jack facing
to the right, indicating Hearts.  However the pleasure girls inside
(not the bartender or Blackie) were wearing Club necklaces.

 * That bloody washcloth (or whatever) also shows up in one (1) frame of
the dream, sitting on a spotlit mantelpiece in a dark room of some kind.

 * About R, T and circles in the baseball scene: The two letters are
written at the same height on the board, but far apart, like

	 R                   T

almost as if something was supposed to go BETWEEN them.  After Cooper is
done explaining about Tibet, he flips the board and R/T are still uncircled.
The cut comes in this dialog:

	You will recall on the day of her death Laura Palmer wrote the 
	entry in her diary: "Nervous about meeting 'J' tonight."

		-- CUT --

	[ R and T are now circled. ]

	Today, we're going to concentrate on the J's.

	[ Cooper reaches up and circles the letter J. ]

To me this implies that the excised dialog had Cooper saying something about
what R and T meant, or what he had done to investigate their meaning.

 * I'm not going to recite it all, but replay that interaction with Lucy,
Cooper, Hawk and the Sheriff about Jack With One Eye some time.  It's great!

 * INVITATION TO LOVE is what we've been waiting for - the TV show within
a TV show.  We saw the titles once before, when Shelley meets Bobby in the
house while Leo's out.  The gloved hand deposits a card on... blue velvet.
In the 4/26 episode the snippet of ITL neatly and eerily parallels the
"live" action.   (Note the "cousins" Emerald and Jade, played by one

 * Cooper pretty much gets Audrey to admit that she slipped the Jack With
One Eye note under his door, but he DOESN'T ask her what it means.  Instead
he asks "What is One Eyed Jack's?" to which she *instantly* responds "It's
a place up north..."  But we heard Truman tell Cooper what it was already,
in the Tibetan scene.  So something funny may be going on.  

 * In the dream sequence we're shown, neither Truman nor Lucy appear.
"Mike" talks directly to Cooper (or Sarah Palmer), and says he cut his
arm off when he saw the face of God.  Bobby appears and threatens to
kill again, but nothing is resolved.  *BUT* when Cooper recounts his
dream to the Sheriff and Lucy, he says they were in the dream, that
Mike called him on the phone, and that Mike cut his arm off because of
Bobby's killing -- then he shot Bobby when he was going to kill again.
It seems like the dream sequence was altered or cut after the scene
in this week's epi was shot.

 * When Cooper tells Diane he's thinking of purchasing some property
at what he *assumes* will be a very reasonable price, it seems to me
he could be talking about several things.  The Great Northern?  The
sawmill?  Or yeah, just Leo's place.