Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Local News & Twin Peaks ...
From: (Robert J DeBenedictis)
Date: 1990-04-28, 22:11

In article <54265@microsoft.UUCP> adamba@microsoft.UUCP (Adam BARR) writes:
> >
> >4) On the 4/19 show on KOMO in Seattle, about 15 minutes before the end
> >there was a little "newsbreak" and the story was "missing person mystery
> >in the Snohomish river". How strange.
> >

And in Boston, the local voice-over during the closing credits:
    Hi everyone, this is Ilene Close.  Monday we take you out to the
    ball park to celebrate opening day at Fenway; and later in the week,
    Can a family be so close that they're unhealthy?  we'll talk about it;
    plus, we'll meet a housewife who was falsely convicted of murder.
    Good Day! beginning Monday at 9.

Another Coincidence on the Trip from
Robert DeBenedictis