Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: questions and comments
From: (Alfred A. Lorher)
Date: 1990-04-28, 11:53

> > I'm surprised that no one has yet mentioned the opening credits of the soap
> > opera the Palmers are watching right before Madeline shows up.  The second
> > actress was shown as playing two characters, one a "good girl" type and the
> > other a "bad girl/girl in trouble" type.  Very significant, if you ask me.

In addition to this, as Laura's cousin and Uncle Leland first meet,
the father in the soap, who has apparently locked himself in his room
contemplating suicide, has his thoughts interrupted by his daughter
knocking at the door.  Just as the first scenes between uncle and niece
take place, the daughter in the soap is saying something like, "Daddy, ______
is here to see you.  Daddy, are you in there?  Daddy!"  Again, very

Alfred Lorber